How to apply Glitter Tattoos

Step 1:Preparation of the skin

Clean skin with alcohol swab or surgical spirit and dry thoroughly, try to avoid hairy, broken, scarred, sunburnt irritated or any non healthy skin.

Step 2: Stencil Preparation

Remove backing sheet of the Stencil, make sure client is in a relaxed and normal position, twisted or stretched skin will result in distorted design.  Apply adhesive side down with gentle pressure on the desired location, then remove the clear application layer.

Step 3: Glue application

Use as little glue as possible to cover the exposed areas of the skin within the stencil, try not to put too much glue onto stencil (No point wasting your glitter!) Even out any surplus glue along the edges where it tends to pool.  Wait for glue to become transparent.

Step 4: Glitter application

Choose your colours, depending on size on stencil usually 2 to 3 colours will produce a good effect. On light skin tones use darker colours on the edges, on dark skin tones use a lighter colour on the edge for enhanced contrast.  Blended glitters look great, various applications methods work.  My preferred method is the use of twist lid bottles, open bottles and gently squeeze or tap bottles to apply glitter to desired areas.  Pat down the glitter to cover all glue showing.

Step 5: Stencil Removal and Finish

Before removing, brush the area with a large soft brush, some people like to catch surplus glitter in a tray to produce a multi colour spare glitter. Gently with your fingernail or plastic cuticle stick, pick the corner of the stencil and remove carefully.  If there are any small areas of free floating stencil (usually eyes or similar) remember to remove those as well!

Give the area a final brush off and let the client see the end result. (remember to take two mirrors for those who wanted one on their back).


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