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How long do Glitter Tattoos last?

It is impossible to give an exact answer as glitter tattoos can last anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks. It can depend on a number of variables, such as:

  • location of tattoo, if clothes rub the tattoo, or it is an area of movement eg wrist, it will fade quicker
  • skin condition

Are Glitter Tattoos skin friendly?

The glue we supply is a prosthetic PVA glue designed for use on the skin. It has been FDA tested and approved.

The glitter is a very fine (1/100th of a mm), plastic PVC grain. It is safe for use on skin, although like all tattoo glitter we recommend that it is not used on the face.

Our tattoo stencils have been used by ourselves for a number of years without any incident, although they do contain the same adhesive as sticking plasters, so if a child is allergic to these then it is possible irritation could occur.

Is there a discount available for bulk orders?

Please contact us for further information. We are happy to discuss bulk orders.

Can I buy positive images of designs? For use on display boards etc.

Yes. We are happy to supply you with the positive image of any of our designs. at the standard stencil cost. Simply order the designs you would like as normal and if you inform us that you would like a positive image we will supply one in place of one stencil.

I need some stencils for this weekend, can i put in a rush order?

As we can not guarantee all stencils will be in stock at all times, if you need stencils urgently it is best to contact us in advance of ordering. We can then advise you on stock quantities and delivery times.

What if I want a design that is not on the website?

We are happy to help. Please contact us with your design ideas, and if viable we can add them to our range. If you require something more specific then head over to the Custom Designs page for more info.

What if i want one of your designs in a different size?

As we manufacture all stencils in house we can easily adapt our designs to your needs. Please contact us with your requirements so we can advise you on what is possible.

Is there a minimum or maximum order size?

No! We can supply stencils in whatever quantity you require.

Is my delivery insured against loss in the postal system?

We send all deliveries through Royal Mail, so this depends on the delivery option you choose at the checkout.

  • Standard 1st class:- We can supply proof of postage, Royal Mail offer compensation up to £46
  • Recorded Delivery:- Proof of postage and of delivery, Royal Mail offer compensation up to £46
  • Special Delivery:- We supply you with a tracking code, enabling you to monitor the delivery progress. Royal Mail offer compensation of up to £500

What methods of payment do you accept?

We can accept payment in a number of ways. You can make instantaneous payment online using your PayPal account, or using a credit/debit card via PayPal.You can also pay us direct by posting a cheque, paying direct into our bank account in branch or using online banking, or setting up a BACS payment. If you choose this option we will send you the payment details after you have ordered.

Do you do any other products?

We have many other accesories available, such as empty bottles and glue pots, bottles of surgical spirit/cleansing alcohol. If you require any of these then please ask.

We can also supply any other vinyl products such as self adhesive vinyl wall designs, lettering for signs and vehicles, printed T-shirts. Please email for more information.  Also specialised body painting stencils for events and company logos.

Do you have a twitter and/or facebook page?

Yes. You can find us at:



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